Home Theatre Trends: Doubling Down on Wall Mounts

By Shallan Grisé


Wall-mounted flat screen televisions are arguably the best thing that happened to home entertainment since colour TVs. Designers are getting creative with how to decorate around wall-mounts and we’ve compiled a list of our favorite trends.

1. Compliment with a credenza

The mid-century modern furniture trend shows no sign of slowing down and we couldn’t be happier about it. Warm wood, sleek lines and the carefully metered use of bold colour make this style genre perfect for minimalists, modernists and retro refinishers alike.

Nothing quite embodies mid-century charm like an iconic credenza. Of course, this majestic piece is not meant to bear the weight of your 60” flat screen. A better balance is found when the TV is wall-mounted above the credenza. A beautiful contrast of old and new.    

2. Floating shelves

This just makes sense: floating flat screen; floating shelves.  Shelves can go below to accommodate devices and decor while a shelf above looks great with hanging plants and a small stack of books. Shelves along the sides can be any width – just be sure the overall composition is balanced. These are perfect for photos and candles.

Have fun with materials, as well! Think outside of the box and consider reclaimed wood from antique doors or use textured paint to create the illusion of brick or concrete. Floating shelves can be clean and minimalist or rough and industrial.

3. Boxed it in and install shutters

If your living room does double duty as a kid-zone by day and place for grown-up relaxing by night, concealing the television might be a simple way to aid the transition.

Think outside of the box when looking for shutters! A bit of hardware can repurpose a lot of things into shutters – picture frames, deconstructed apple boxes or distressed floor boards, to name a few. Once you have your shutters, frame your TV at the proper depth and install the shutters. Voilà! Your guests will think you’re one of those cultured families that shun electronics.


4. Integrated with wall art for a gallery feel

There are two important design aspects that have to be executed correctly to achieve the best outcome for this option: large statement art and an off-center placement of the TV. This way, the focus becomes the composition as a whole with the television seamlessly integrated. When done correctly, your living room or bedroom is transformed into a modern art gallery.

Tip: Use temporary hangers for the wall art while you experiment with different configurations. The final outcome will be better when you feel free to start over a few times.  

5. Backlit with soft LEDs

This requires a little more planning, but the results are extraordinary. Lights can be incorporated into acrylic shadow boxes, wide metal frames, or barn wood slats – let your creativity run wild! Then, the TV is mounted inside or on top of the treatment. For the best look, hardwire the lighting rather than having exposed chords.

The tricky bits…

The most important detail when it comes to wall-mount televisions is perfect installation. Mounting hardware needs to be secured to wall studs and perfectly level. Wiring can be a complex endeavour as well. It’s a good idea to run enough HDMI chords to accommodate all the ports that your TV has, even if you don’t need them now. That way, you can add components in the future. A power bridge kit is required to conceal the power chords within the wall and installation is tricky if you haven’t attempted it before.

If you are reluctant to tackle this DIY, use qualified help! Post your wall-mount installation job along with any of the other ideas mentioned above on Tadoo. Qualified professionals will respond with quotes within 24 hours for you to choose from. Before you know it, your wall-mount TV could be perfectly installed. Watch the video below to see exactly how Tadoo works: