Set-up Your Service Provider Profile in 5 Easy Steps!

By Andi Caruso


Partnering with Tadoo as a Service Provider means you have a continuous stream of business leads without spending a dime on marketing or advertising! Whether this is your full-time job or side hustle, Tadoo offers you the freedom and flexibility to help you reach your goals.

Before you can start crushing those goals, you need to finish setting up your account (it only takes a few minutes!). Here’re five simple steps:

Step 1: Complete your Profile

Here’s how:

  • Settings > Profile – Your basic information will already have been pre-populated from the registration process.
  • Add a photo – this photo will be seen on your public profile and will go out with your messages.

TIP: The final photo format is square, so avoid choosing any pics that are round.

Why it’s important: This is your online first impression! Customers are often receiving multiple proposals and they base their vendor selection on two things 1) vendor profile and 2) vendor rating. As a new provider, you won’t have any happy customers, yet. Your profile is what helps your prospects learn about your qualifications, process, and experience.

Step 2: Add your Services & Set your Schedule

Here’s how:

  • Settings > Services
  • Click Add Service. This will take you to a form to enter your Service information.


When Customers post a Tadoo, they select a category from the same list as you see here. These categories are how we match Providers like you to the jobs that are posted.

TIP: There’s no limit to the number of categories you can select – if you are multi-talented, be sure to add all relevant categories!


Don’t skip this step — it will help us know exactly what kind of jobs you’re interested in doing.

Description, Details & Attachments

These fields are the key to a great profile which will generate a lot of customer interest. Provide a friendly service description to help the customer will determine if your service-specific qualifications meets their needs.

TIP: A picture is worth a thousand words! Include photos of your work, PDFs of certifications or awards. You can even link a YouTube video to showcase your skills. If you are an insured business, or have WCB protection, you may choose to mention that as well.

Why it’s important: You will see all posted Tadoos that match your service criteria. Being specific and detailed about the services you offer will ensure that prospects understand your services and terms of engagement.  

Setting Your Schedule

Do you prefer to take jobs on weekends while keeping your weeknights to yourself? Our scheduling system allows you to set a very detailed availability schedule. You can also appear as always available, available anytime on certain days or select the Flexible Schedule option. You could say we’ve got all your bases covered.


Blocking Days Off

TIP: Block your days off – If there are any days you are not available, note them in this section. Be sure to press the + button to add days off. Once you’ve done that, you will see the date appear in the table below.­


Step 3: Create a Stripe Account

Here’s how:

  • Settings > Stripe
  • Click the link in the Stripe section, and Tadoo will link you to the Stripe account creation/activation page. Then simply follow the instructions on the page.
  • Once you complete the form and click “Authorize access to this account”, you will be redirected back to Tadoo.

TIP: Bookmark this link – it’s the Stripe dashboard where you can edit info and process your payments.

Why it’s important: Your Stripe account is where payments for completed Tadoos are deposited. It’s also where you can keep track of your earnings. But, most importantly, it’s where you will process your Tadoo payouts so they can be deposited directly into your bank account. You definitely don’t want to miss this step.

Step 4: Turn on Text Notifications

Here’s how:

  • Settings > Notifications – Simply add your number and click “Save Changes”.

Why it’s important: The fastest way for you to get notification from us is by text. By adding your phone number to your profile, Tadoo can send you SMS messages when Customers accept proposals or send messages.

Step 5: Add your Social Networks

Here’s how:

  • Settings > Social – Simply enter your username beside the corresponding network.

TIP: You don’t have to share a “friends and family” account – feel free to use a professional account such as LinkedIn or even start a Facebook business page.

Why it’s important: Wouldn’t you know it, we’ve gotten to the point where social media is so common that it’s odd to not be using at least one platform. That’s why we really encourage our Providers to link a social network to their Tadoo account. It puts Customers at ease and increases your chances of having your Tadoo proposal chosen.

There you go – setup complete! Check out how it looks to the public by clicking your profile link in the top right corner of the window. It’s a good idea to click on your social media links while you’re there to make sure they work. You can change your settings at any time. If you aren’t getting the response you expected, try adding more info or photos. But for now, you’re ready to complete your profile and be open for business. Click the link below to get started: