The Story of Tadoo

By Andi Caruso

Welcome to Tadoo! I’m the founder, Andi Caruso, and I couldn’t be more excited you are here. Since this is our first Tadoo blog entry, we wanted to share our story about how Tadoo came to be.

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, ideas were a dime a dozen. There were countless dinners that turned into brainstorming sessions, where we’d dream up our next big venture. I had a note in my phone to track all the ideas as they came to me, but I never felt compelled to act on any of them. 

That was until I kept personally running into scenarios where I needed a service like Tadoo.

I live by myself, and let’s face it… some jobs are two-person jobs. I hated asking friends or family to come help with all the annoying little jobs, and so consequently, a lot of those things just didn’t get done… or I attempted them, and it didn’t end well.

I once had a large mirror sit on the floor for two months because I couldn’t hang it by myself. A separate instance, I was attempting to hang my new blinds, and two passer-by’s outside laughed at me as I screamed in frustration because I couldn’t get the blinds in the brackets.

As more scenarios arose, I went searching for a solution, and came up empty handed. I was surprised… in this day and age, how was there not a way to simply and safely hire someone to help me with all these odd jobs?

And that’s when the light bulb went off. The best businesses solve real problems, and given I’d now run into multiple scenarios, this was a problem I wanted to solve.

As I juggled a full-time job, exploring this new idea, taking care of my health and all of life’s to-dos, and still making time to see my family, friends and enjoy life, I had to make choices about where I focused my time and attention. I’m a huge proponent of focusing on “value-add” activities, and when I was doing the things that gave me purpose and brought me joy, I was so much more fulfilled. And it was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the more I focused my time on where I could drive value in my life, the more I achieved, which further motivated me to keep pushing forward.

At the same time, I became very intrigued with leadership and business psychology and better understanding what drove my own and others’ decisions. I read Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why, which easily became my favourite book. It’s based on the idea that businesses, leaders and individuals who connect their existence to a meaningful purpose, will naturally drive bigger impact, because others are inspired to join in the movement. It got me thinking about my own personal Why, and how I could build a career and a company that aligned with it.

This is when I realized that Tadoo was so much more than I initially thought.

Tadoo wasn’t just a way to outsource odd jobs… it was about giving people the freedom to spend their time on the things that truly add value to their lives. It was a way to help people live more fulfilled lives.

And with this realization, I knew I had found Tadoo’s Why. The best part, is that it was so in sync with my personal Why, and since then I haven’t looked back.

All of that is to say, Tadoo is here to give you freedom to spend your precious time on the things that matter to you. Life is short, and we hope we can be a small part of helping you make your time count.


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