It’s Time to Trade Busy for Bliss

By Andi Caruso


We’ve become a culture of constant doing where exhaustion is a badge of honour and the term burnout has become the hallmark of our generation. Although burnout was once thought to be ‘pop psychology’, it is now given due consideration as a legitimate consequence of prolonged stress. After confirming its prevalence, researchers began looking for a solution. An initially-popular burnout antidote was resiliency. Simply train people to be resilient to exhaustion.

Problem solved?

Not even close. As it turns out, besides resilience not being a viable solution, in practice it significantly compounds the problem. Passing the responsibility of not burning out onto someone that is already striving at a break-neck pace is like adding fuel to the fire.

So what can be done? The answer doesn’t lie in finding what to do — but what to not do. Many successful people have one thing in common: they have mastered the art of eliminating the unnecessary from their lives.

Warren Buffet is a pillar example. His propensity for delegation and hands-off management is a deliberate strategy to safeguard his time and attention (which he directs at emassing billions). As well, a former Berkshire pilot shared the advice he received from Buffet regarding success: make a list of the top 25 things you want to accomplish, circle the top five, spend all your time on those and do not spend a single second on numbers six through 25. By doing less, you accomplish more of what’s important.


Mr. Buffet would confirm that the best antidote to burnout is allowing yourself the time and peace of mind to do those things on your resolution list. Or spending time with family. Or whatever else brings you joy.  The bottom line is, there is a cost to your personal time and it’s up to you on how to make the best out of it. Spending your precious spare time on restorative activities replenishes your reserves and fortifies you against burnout. Tadoo is a firm believer in the importance of living a fulfilling life. Our goal is to help people achieve fulfillment by giving them the freedom to spend their time doing the things that really matter to them. Click on the video below to see how: