Spending Time: What’s it Really Worth?

By Andi Caruso


We all know what our time is worth when we’re at work. But have you ever considered what your spare time is worth? For some reason, we often place less value on ourselves when we’re off the clock, spending our nights and weekends toiling away at chores, errands, and admin tasks… tasks that we would most certainly delegate when we’re at work.

Meet Janice:

Janice makes $100,000/year salary, which breaks down to approximately $50 an hour

  • She spends eight hours every week on errands and chores such as gardening and house cleaning. The tasks can be completed by a qualified professional for about $25 per hour. Considering the value of Janice’s time is $50 per hour, she’s throwing $25 down the drain every hour she spends on these tasks!
  • Janice knows it deep down that a professional gardener or cleaner will get the job done faster AND MUCH BETTER than she can.

Does any of Janice’s situation apply to you?

  • Spending 8 hours a week doing errands that can be done by a professional at a lower cost and wasting $500 worth of your time.
  • The job leaves a bit to be desired. All that hard labour and you’re not super happy with the results. Re-do.
  • Worst-case scenario: you tried to tackle everything yourself and nothing got done at all.

Now here’s the real kicker:

The true cost of devaluing your time can’t be measured. How far along are you with your New Year’s Resolutions? When was the last time you spent time with your parents or had a family adventure with your kids? The value of these things is hard to measure… until you look back, sometimes months or years later, at the consequences of not prioritizing how you spend your time – regrets.

We are firm believers that time should be spent on things that drive value. So we founded Tadoo to provide people the freedom to spend their time doing the things that really matter to them, ultimately enabling people to lead more fulfilling lives. Here’s a short video on how Tadoo helps our users simplify their lives.